Middle School Program Officially Launched

YPIE is thrilled to announce the launch of its new program “Getting Prepared for Success (GPS),” which is designed to prepare 7th and 8th grade students for success in high school and beyond. At the official launch of the program on March 12th at Foxfire School, Principal Don Solimene commented, “ The GPS program (which began in January) is having a positive influence on the students already. The curriculum is engaging and the students are excited.”

Using the web based Naviance program as its anchor, students in the GPS Program participate in interactive classroom sessions and complete activity-based, online milestones to introduce students to college and career options and help them begin work on a college portfolio. Motivational speakers share their personal experiences and inspirations.

The GPS Program, which builds on YPIE’s college and career services in the high schools, is currently serving 280 students in four middle schools. The goal is to expand the program to serve all 7th and 8th grade students in the district.

Thanks to generous program partners, JPMorgan Chase Foundation and the Lanza Family Foundation, GPS is off to a strong start. According to Foxfire 7thgrader Cesar Colon, “I am learning something new every time I use Naviance (the web-based system for college and career planning). It has helped increase my vocabulary and my parents are impressed with my knowledge.” Through the program, Cesar is discovering more about his learning style and career interests.

Foxfire Principal Don Solimene proudly describes the impact of the new YPIE GPS Program

Cesar J. Colon, Foxfire 7th grader shares what he has learned from the program

For more information on the GPS Program, contact Middle School Coordinator Julie Arias at jarias@ypie.org.

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