YPIE Announces the Four Winners of the Southern Vermont College Mountaineers Scholar Program

Drum Roll Please…..   Four seniors from Lincoln High School have been  selected to to be Mountaineer  Scholars, a four-year college scholarship program at Southern Vermont College  in Bennington, VT. According YPIE Scholarship Committee Chair, Marie Rama, “There were so many great candidates and we are thrilled to be able to offer this amazing opportunity to students in the district.”

The SVC Program provides a four-year financial aid package, along with academic, peer and social supports to help students make a successful transition to college and have a positive experience on campus. On March 24th, the winners and their parents/guardians will travel to SVC for an all-day family campus tour that officially celebrates their fall 2012 admission. In the summer, the students will spend an entire week in an intensive introductory immersion program that will help them become accustomed to life at SVC and give them a taste of college work.

The 2012 winners of the SVC’s Mountaineers Scholar Program are:

Kenneth Poteat, Jr., Julia Pignataro, Walter Ramos and Ahmed Jamal Gaynor, Jr.

Walter Ramos

Walter is an accomplished dancer with strong roots in the Dominican Community. He is the captain of the Lincoln Baseball Team, was named LVP in the Babe Ruth League and hopes to play baseball at SVC. Walter is interested in earning a degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Sport Management. When asked about the scholarship, Walter commented, “I want to make my mother proud and be a great influence on my little brother.”

Kenneth Poteat, Jr.

Kenneth demonstrates great leadership skills, is a Member of the National Honor Society and a consistent honor roll student. He is captain of the Lincoln High School Track and Cross Country Teams and plans to continue running at SVC. Kenneth loves to play Scrabble with his mom and wants to become a lawyer or a math teacher. Kenneth is excited about SVC because “it is small, feels like a family and will make me feel supported.”

Jamal Gaynor receives a congratulatory hug from YPIE Scholarship Committee Chair Marie Rama

Julia Pignataro

Julia displays a strong sense of independence and maturity and is a self-starter who knows how to advocate for herself and others. Julia wants to study human behavior with a major in psychology and a minor in music. She has a passion for singing and has participated in All-State music competitions. According to Julia, “Because I live with my grandparents, I am so stressed about money. This scholarship will help me do what would be impossible to do on my own.”

Ahmed Jamal Gaynor, Jr.

Jamal made a successful transition to Lincoln High School during his senior year after transferring from New Rochelle High School. He is an avid math student who strives to be a role model for his younger sibling and to make his hard-working parents proud. Jamal is an athlete and a baseball player and is an assistant coach for the Pelton Athletic Clubs. He hopes to earn a degree in sports management or law. Jamal is looking forward to starting SVC and trying the ski and snowboarding clubs, activities he has never tried before.

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